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Powder Transfer System (PTS)

Powder Transfer System

Transporting large volumes of hazardous or sensitive powders and granules across large distances and height is a challenge as normal conveying systems like bucket elevators or screw conveyors are out of the question. For such special cases, Alphatech engineers Process Powder division and Process Vacuum Division engineers have come together to develop a very effective Powder Conveying System using Vacuum.

The innovative powder transfer system is used to transfer from almost every receptacle or machine and be charged in to any type of receiver. The system allows powder to be charged directly into Mixer / closed hopper / vessels etc. in a totally safe way preventing dust formation. The system can be retrofitted / integrated in to an existing production line.

Features of Powder Transfer System (PTS):

  • No Dust formation
  • Gentle handling of transfer material
  • Reliable, robust Vacuum pumps
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Easy maintenance
  • Designed for sanitary applications