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Oscillating Granulator

Oscillating Granulator

We are leading manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Oscillating Granulator (OG) in Mumbai, India.

The granules making machine. This machine is made for efficient and uniform granulation of dry and wet lumps of powder.

  • Powder Hopper:
    A 35 liter gross volume hopper is provided for feeding sufficient material for process.
  • Rotary Assembly:
    The horizontal rotor assembly consists of stainless steel304 GR. Hexagonal rodsand S.S. plate with a main rotor shaft of 25mm dia S.S. the newly designed of the rotor is such that it gives the perfect and homogenous granulation of the material. This rotor oscillates (alternately rotates in clockwise and anti clockwise direction) at approximately 48rpm.
  • Capacity:
    Actual output capacity of Granules Making Machine depends upon the nature and bulk density of powder, as well as operator skill.
  • Grill Cover:
    Grill type removable cover is provided inside hopper. This grill cover protects operator from oscillating rotor and also prevents any accidental dropping of scoop etc inside operating chamber.
  • Driving Arrangement:
    A TEFC electric motor of 0.75 kw power to run on 415 volts, 3 phase, 50 Hz, A.C.(other voltage on request ) is provided along with a suitable reducing gear box to get final rotating speed of 48 rpm. A D.O.L. or Star –Delta type starter will also be provided.
  • Discharge:
    Discharge from the Granules Making Machine can be collected on trays (not provided with machine) that are placed on trays bars provided underneath the operating chamber.

  • Hopper capacity 35 ltrs.
  • Screen size 440 x 600 mm
  • Rotor size 140mm x 425mm long
  • Oscillations 48 per minute. (depends upon material & screen)
  • Output 50-200 kg/hour
  • Moc ss 316q
  • Charging height charging height : 1280 mm
  • Discharge height 850 mm
  • Power supply 1 hp,1440 rpm,440v,3 phase, ac
  • Over all dimensions 844mm w x 900 d x 1285 h
  • Motor 1 hp, 0.75kw, 1440 rpm, 415v, 3 phases
  • Gear box bonfiglioli / elecon make
  • Net weight 200 kg
  • Gross weight 290 kg