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Photo Gallery

Tube Filling Machine Double Head (TFMDH)
Tube Filling Machine Single Head (TFMSH)
Turn Tablet Scrambler (TTS)
vacuum Transfer System (VTS)
Vacuum Tray Dryer (VTD)
V Blender (VB)
V Blender (VB)
Vertical Blender (VB)
Vial Blister Packing Machine (VBPM)
Vibro Sifter (VS)
Washing Machines For Ampoles (WMFA)
Powder Transfer system (PTS)
1ml 2ml and 5ml
Ampoule Blister (AB)
Ampoule Filling And Sealing Machine (AFASM)
Auto Capsule Filling Machine (ACFM)
Autoclave Processor (AP)
Auto Coater (AC)
Automatic Cartoning (AC)
automatic High Speed (AHS)
Automatic High Speed Linear (AHSL)
Automatic Rotary Bottle Washing Machine (ARBWM)
Automatic Rotary Piston (ARP)
Automatic Self Adhesive (ASA)
Batch Coding Machine (BCM)
Blister Packing Machine (BPM)
Cage Blender (CB)
Cartoning Machine (CM)
Cartoning Machine LP CRM (CMLPCRM)
Chemical Reactor (CR)
Coating Pan (CP)
Contra Rotary Mixer (CRM)
Dogital Metal Detector (DMD)
Distillatiom Column (DC)
Double Cone Blender (DCB)
Elevating Tablet (ET)
Fluid Bed Dryer (FBD)
Fluid Bed Processor
From Fill And Seal (FFAS)
Full Automatic Hard (FAH)
Heat Exchanger (HE)
High Speed Carton (HSC)
Liquid Manufacturing Plant (LMP)
Magnetic Mixer (MM)
Manual Capsule (MC)
Mechanical loader (ML)
Octagonal Blender (OB)
Ointment Manufacturing Plant (OMP)
On Line Bottle (OLB)
Optical Ampoule Vial Inspection Machine (OAVIM)
Oscillating Granulator (OG)
Packing Conveyor Belt (PCB)
Paste Kettle (PK)
Pilot Ointment Mixer (POM)
Planetary Mixer (PM)
Pouch Packing Machine (PPM)
Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)
Receiver Tank (RT)
Ribbon Blender (RB)
Rotocone Vacuum Dryer (RVD)
Screw Blender (SB)
Semi Automatic Ropp (SAR)
Semi Automatic Two (SAT)
Shampoo Mixer (SM)
Sparkler Filter (SF)
Sterilsation And Depyrogenation Tunnel (SADT)
Storage Tank (ST)
Strip Packing Machine (SPM)
Tablet Press Machine (TPM)
Tablets Capsule (TC)
Tablets Capsule Blister (TCB)
Tray Dryer (TD)

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